Thursday, March 15, 2012

Wiley Drake For Israel

Presidential Candidate, Wiley Drake

Presidential Candidate, Wiley Drake is unashamedly pro-Israel. He stated in a recent interview, “Those that bless Israel, God will bless.” When asked directly if he would protect Israel, if elected to the Presidency of the United States of America, he said, “I would defend Israel with every ounce of strength I have.” This is the Church fare position regarding Israel. He stated, “It’s just that simple.”

Wiley Drake on Churchfare

Presidential Candidate Wiley Drake

Presidential Candidate, Wiley Drake has done Churchfare for 24 years as a pastor. He has taken the homeless and the hurting and has turned their lives around. His Chruchfare government philosophy is, “To bring the community transformation back to the church.” He has watched Jesus Christ change people’s lives through Churchfare. In retrospect we have watched Welfare create a people dependant upon the government. Candidate Drake has personally watched Chruchfare give people a hand-up. Churchfare, from his experience and in his opinion, is God’s original intent for the church – to teach people all things regarding life and Godliness. Churchfare is the solution. If every church and synagogue in America would take a minimum of two people off the streets and help rehabilitate their lives, we could greatly reduce our government spending. That’s what Chruchfare can do.

Youth Town Hall Meeting a Big Success

Presidential Candidate, Wiley Drake with the youth of Antelope Valley

Presidential candidate, Wiley Drake, had a Town Hall meeting with the youth of Antelope Valley, California. He was very impressed with their understanding of the political issues we are facing today. Presidential candidate, Drake commented in the meeting, “One of the first things I will do, if elected, will be to establish a team of youth from America and other parts of the world to help in my administration. They would assist in understanding the issues of the youth and help establish the future of America.” He went on to say, “The future is theirs and if I am elected I will make them a part of it.”, Political Analyst, Dr. Clyde Rivers, in attendance at the Town Hall meeting said, “It’s an exceptional day when the young and the old are able to dialogue on key issues regarding America and come up with solutions. I have the utmost confidence in the youth of this nation. They are brilliant.” The general consensus is that the Town Hall meeting was a great success.