Thursday, March 15, 2012

Wiley Drake on Churchfare

Presidential Candidate Wiley Drake

Presidential Candidate, Wiley Drake has done Churchfare for 24 years as a pastor. He has taken the homeless and the hurting and has turned their lives around. His Chruchfare government philosophy is, “To bring the community transformation back to the church.” He has watched Jesus Christ change people’s lives through Churchfare. In retrospect we have watched Welfare create a people dependant upon the government. Candidate Drake has personally watched Chruchfare give people a hand-up. Churchfare, from his experience and in his opinion, is God’s original intent for the church – to teach people all things regarding life and Godliness. Churchfare is the solution. If every church and synagogue in America would take a minimum of two people off the streets and help rehabilitate their lives, we could greatly reduce our government spending. That’s what Chruchfare can do.

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