Monday, April 9, 2012


CHURCHFARE is not just another church program

CHURCHFARE is just that. It is fair equity for all.

CHURCHFARE is a move of God!

It's a movement!

Veterans understand brotherhood.
They are not looking at race, denomination or party when they are in battle.
They are only looking out for each other.

America has lost it's sense of   brotherhood.

God's original design was brotherhood.
People helping each other while working out their own freedoms.

It is time for Americans to once again DECLARE INDEPENDENCE from the 2 party system and elect someone who is not INFECTED with belt line flu1 America needs someone who listens to the people and has solutions for what affects thos people!

America needs a candidate who is interested in getting us back to Route 66, the 66 Books of the Bible, and can lead us into helping our fellow America through CHURCHFARE!

America needs a candidate that is "One of US"

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Wiley Drake For Israel

Presidential Candidate, Wiley Drake

Presidential Candidate, Wiley Drake is unashamedly pro-Israel. He stated in a recent interview, “Those that bless Israel, God will bless.” When asked directly if he would protect Israel, if elected to the Presidency of the United States of America, he said, “I would defend Israel with every ounce of strength I have.” This is the Church fare position regarding Israel. He stated, “It’s just that simple.”

Wiley Drake on Churchfare

Presidential Candidate Wiley Drake

Presidential Candidate, Wiley Drake has done Churchfare for 24 years as a pastor. He has taken the homeless and the hurting and has turned their lives around. His Chruchfare government philosophy is, “To bring the community transformation back to the church.” He has watched Jesus Christ change people’s lives through Churchfare. In retrospect we have watched Welfare create a people dependant upon the government. Candidate Drake has personally watched Chruchfare give people a hand-up. Churchfare, from his experience and in his opinion, is God’s original intent for the church – to teach people all things regarding life and Godliness. Churchfare is the solution. If every church and synagogue in America would take a minimum of two people off the streets and help rehabilitate their lives, we could greatly reduce our government spending. That’s what Chruchfare can do.

Youth Town Hall Meeting a Big Success

Presidential Candidate, Wiley Drake with the youth of Antelope Valley

Presidential candidate, Wiley Drake, had a Town Hall meeting with the youth of Antelope Valley, California. He was very impressed with their understanding of the political issues we are facing today. Presidential candidate, Drake commented in the meeting, “One of the first things I will do, if elected, will be to establish a team of youth from America and other parts of the world to help in my administration. They would assist in understanding the issues of the youth and help establish the future of America.” He went on to say, “The future is theirs and if I am elected I will make them a part of it.”, Political Analyst, Dr. Clyde Rivers, in attendance at the Town Hall meeting said, “It’s an exceptional day when the young and the old are able to dialogue on key issues regarding America and come up with solutions. I have the utmost confidence in the youth of this nation. They are brilliant.” The general consensus is that the Town Hall meeting was a great success.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Drake Campaign Release

The main stream media are playing social issues as the issues of the week going into Tuesday's primaries.

Wiley Drake for President campaign was asked what he thought of the candidate's position on abortion.

 "While our campaign is based on solutions, social issues are important. The reporter said, "Romney and Santorum are Pro-life so what makes Drake different?"

Santorum is pro-life. Romney is for killing babies.

The reporter said, "Romney states he is pro-life except in cases of rape and incest."

 "I can understand why the media does not hold Romney accountable and ask the question isn't in case of incest and rape still killing babies? Killing babies in the case of incest and rape is still killing babies. When one says the word "except" then they are for killing babies. It is written, "Do not shed innocent blood upon the land. I do not understand any Christian voting for someone who believes in killing babies. Candidate Drake's position has been consistent his whole life. Dr. Drake is against killing babies in any instance. Period."

What about the contraception issue.

 "The Campaign for Drake for President position is this contraception issue, is that this is really an issue of the violation of religious freedoms. We oppose the government forcing any religious hospital, catholic or otherwise, that they must provide contraception."

What about same sex marriage?  "Dr. Drake is a pastor. His position will always follow Route 66."

"What is Route 66?"

 "Route 66 is the 66 Books of the Bible. Dr. Drake will follow the scriptures and believes marriage is between a man and a woman."

 "We do not see Obama, Romney, Gingrich, Santorum or Ron Paul doing CHURCHFARE? We do not see any of these candidates inspiring Americans to be kind to one another and help one another? Christians should seriously consider in this election not only who looks like Christ on the surface but who day in and day out is not just another establishment politician but is a doer of the faith. Dr. Drake was willing to go to jail for the poor. Dr. Drake has been helping veterans and the poor for over 24 years. Anyone who examines his fruit would be inspired."

He then asked why the reporter left out the greatest social issue of this season in America?  "The biggest issue for all Americans is jobs and our economy and how it affects, the poor, young people, and middle class families. America needs less focus on the social issues and more focus on jobs and $4.05 gasoline.

When Mr. Obama came into office gasoline was $1.86 nationally and now it is headed to $4.50 a gallon. That is damaging our economies. If elected we will take serious steps with reserves and get that price down."