Monday, April 9, 2012


CHURCHFARE is not just another church program

CHURCHFARE is just that. It is fair equity for all.

CHURCHFARE is a move of God!

It's a movement!

Veterans understand brotherhood.
They are not looking at race, denomination or party when they are in battle.
They are only looking out for each other.

America has lost it's sense of   brotherhood.

God's original design was brotherhood.
People helping each other while working out their own freedoms.

It is time for Americans to once again DECLARE INDEPENDENCE from the 2 party system and elect someone who is not INFECTED with belt line flu1 America needs someone who listens to the people and has solutions for what affects thos people!

America needs a candidate who is interested in getting us back to Route 66, the 66 Books of the Bible, and can lead us into helping our fellow America through CHURCHFARE!

America needs a candidate that is "One of US"

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